CPI vindicates Gympie Regional Council members

As your ally in the workplace at Gympie Regional Council, The Services Union is acutely aware that wage negotiations occur in real time and must address current economic factors. We’ll tell the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) on 23 November that you deserve a pay increase which meaningfully addresses the cost of living and recognises the productivity you have delivered for your Council and community. That’s what we have been telling the Council since 2021.

Ever since the Council tabled its initial insulting offer of 1.5%, the force of the accompanying spin has been the only thing from the Council to steadily grow. Last week’s Australian Bureau of Statistics announcement that the underlying rate of inflation is now at 6.1% is further justification for you and your fellow members of our Union ignoring the spin and rejecting the Council’s latest undercooked proposal.

Our Union would like to acknowledge the hard work of our delegates Kristy Portas, Sarah Zillmann and Michael Anderson in steering you through the Council’s spin towards achieving better wages and conditions for all. We know that our members truly appreciate their efforts.

If you work with someone who is not yet a member wants a better deal, remind them of what we’re doing to get one. Joining is quick and easy online.

Above: Thanks to our Workplace Delegates at Gympie Regional Council.