Budget 2023 - What it will mean for the SACS Industry

After a successful campaign by ASU members in housing and homelessness services, the Government committed $65.7m to save frontline homelessness services and jobs in the sector.

Community Sector Funding

Increased funding across many community sector program areas – including family and domestic violence, community mental health, advocacy peaks, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs.

These increases are welcome – but we know services need more support to meet the needs of their communities.

We will continue campaigning to make sure social and community sector workers like you get the support and respect you deserve.

NDIS Funding

The Government firmly stated that “The NDIS is here to stay”. But we need to make sure the NDIS is the best it can be, and workers get the pay, training and leave you deserve. The Government has said bigger changes are coming once the review of the NDIS ends in October. So we need to act now.

That’s why the ASU is calling a National Week of Action for the Best NDIS in the week of June 26th to keep the pressure on and ensure that we protect and improve the NDIS for everyone. We will be in touch with ASU members soon about how you can get involved!

Finally, well done ASU members. Thanks to your efforts, we saw a delivery on the federal government’s commitments to important community services.

Above: Budget 2023