Brisbane City Council – Nothing to see here!

The Services Union and other Unions met with Council officers yesterday to discuss the Lord Mayor’s $400 million budget cuts. Essentially what we were told is that the Council is still engaged in a major review of all of its activities.

The Council said that the urgent budget review has been caused by a significant escalation of costs brought on by the current economic climate. We were told that the Reserve Bank forecasts were for inflation to be less than what it is presently and with inflation still rampant the Council wants to trim its sails now.

Their intention is to report to the Executive Management team shortly and then set out in some detail the outcome of its review at the Joint Consultative Committee meeting with Unions which is scheduled for 30 November, 2023.

We received another welcome assurance that the Council is aware of its obligations to consult under the Determination. We were also invited to bring to the Council’s attention any instances where we are concerned that our members are not being treated fairly. These will be very trying times for all workers but especially for those on temporary or fixed term contracts or who are working through labour hire arrangements. Don’t forget the Union represents all of its members regardless of their employment contractual arrangements.

Members of the Services Union who have concerns can email [email protected] so that we can log your concerns and raise with the Council.

It was somewhat ironic to sit through the meeting with the Council about the quest for savings and cost cutting and to then go home to yet another BCC Newsletter! There might be some savings to be made there.

2024 is a Council election year and also the year for your next enterprise agreement to be negotiated so we are living in very interesting times.

Always best to have the security that a strong Union provides when experiencing interesting times! 

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