Brisbane City Council - What workload issue?

Last week, we attended the Joint Consultative Committee and were briefed as to how each division intends to obtain the savings resulting from the Lord Mayor’s announcement of $400 million in budget cuts.

While the different Divisions are looking at various means of obtaining the savings which do not involve staffing, the Council says it will be looking at vacancy rates and whether roles need to be filled.

There is also an ongoing review of temporary and contingent labour, and this may have impacts on some members who are on fixed term contracts.

There was discussion about work that could stop or be deferred in some instances.

The burning question our Workplace Delegates have been asking is if vacancies are not being filled or backfilled and temporary staff are not being renewed, what impact is this going to have on the workloads of existing employees?

The Council’s response at the meeting last week was that if our members have workload concerns, they should raise them.

If you are concerned about workload issues arsing from the Council’s current savings push, please reach out to your Workplace Delegates or to Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300. Our Delegates will be able to raise workload issues at the various Divisional and Work Unit Consultative Committees across the Council.

Our Workplace Delegates are as follows:
  • Organisational Services: Steve Minns, Russell Norton, Stacey Maguire, Sharad Ranu, Misty Lee Watts, Cheryl Johnson, Ken Hall
  • City Planning and Sustainability: Marg Evans, Mark Taylor, Brendan Sammon, Ken Mackenzie, Nick Morgan
  • Lifestyle and Community Services: James Harper, Karen Evans, Gillian Kerr, Greg Birks, Jamie Cook, Jenny Moss, Catherine Bailey, Misty Tyler-Jones, Nigel Kimber, Tanya Kimber
  • Transport for Brisbane: Wayne Bonnitcha, Denis Stones
  • Brisbane Infrastructure: Madeleine Grant, Rob Mollison, Clytie Binder
If you have a colleague who is concerned about the current push for savings and the impact on workloads who is not in the Union, send them the following link and ask them to join:

Above: Workplace Delegates at Brisbane City Council