Brisbane City Council – Time for a Chat

The Services Union is by your side while we consider what is going on at Brisbane City Council.

While the Council tells the world how it is looking to cut 10% from its budget, The Services Union is yet to hear anything.

The obligation to consult under “Our Determination” is triggered by a variety of factors and the Council has acknowledged its obligations to staff in a Bulletin on 17 October 2023 when the CEO Colin Jensen said:

"As we move forward, please be assured we will engage with our employees and unions in accordance with the Determination."

In the absence of any information directly from the Council, so far as we can ascertain thanks to great feedback from you is that there are major impacts on the employment of contingent staff whether they be casual, temporary, or labour hire. We have also seen advice to departments that permanent positions that are vacant are not to be filled without a business case. All of these measures will ultimately impact on you and your work and this is the trigger for a discussion under the consultation provisions. We have drawn the Council’s attention to this.

The Services Union will continue to be vigilant in ensuring that the Council focusses on its obligations. There is only so much work that is presently being done by contingent staff that can be soaked up by the permanent workforce and again this is something that should be discussed with you as it is an important productivity issue.

You can make sure you are part of the discussion by joining with your work colleagues to maintain security of employment and be in the mix for a decent pay rise that compensates you for your productivity and keeps up with the cost of living in 2024. Join here.

Above: Workplace Delegates at Brisbane City Council