Bargaining continues at Sunshine Coast Council

Members of The Services Union at Sunshine Coast Council can be assured that we hear your cost-of-living concerns loudly and clearly. If you are one of our Union’s many members who have completed our survey – thank you. If you haven’t yet, the good news is you still can here.

Clearly the best antidote to the current economic situation is to ensure your new Certified Agreement (CA) has a strong pay outcome. At last week’s CA discussions, we made it clear to the Council that we would not support leaving pay discussions till the end of the negotiation process. With the underlying inflation rate at a 20-year high of 6.9%, it would clearly be irresponsible to do so.

We’re back at the table this Thursday. In the meantime, the Council has begun rolling out its roadshow to facilitate discussions with staff about its CA proposals. We encourage you to attend the roadshow that best suits you and take up the opportunity to ask any relevant questions about the Council’s position. Whether it’s at the bargaining table or as part of a roadshow, it’s often the case that even the best conversation will only go so far. The best way to deliver a strong outcome is by ensuring we have a strong Union in your workplace. If you work with someone who is not yet a member, encourage them to join today – it's easy online. 

ASU is the Union fighting for Sunshine Coast Regional Council.