Bargaining Update: Full steam ahead

As your ally in the workplace at Northern Peninsula Area Regional Council, The Services Union is by your side to deliver improved wages and conditions.

Earlier this week our Union met with Council management to continue bargaining for your new Certified Agreement. Significant progress was made with the wage increase in the first year of this agreement sitting at 7.5% and future increases of at least 4% each year.

    • 3.5% (December 2022 – already administratively paid).
    • 4% to be backdated to July 2023.
    • 4% or the State Wage Case whichever is greater paid on certification of this agreement.
    • 4% or the State Wage Case whichever is greater paid on the 1st anniversary of the certification of this agreement. 
    • 4% or the State Wage Case whichever is greater paid on the 2nd anniversary of the certification of this agreement.
  • Improvement to weekend penalty rates for Stream A staff to increase to double time Saturday and Sunday.
  • Improvement to the Union encouragement clause
  • Inclusion of locality allowance for all staff in the new agreement. The proposal is to transition to the full amount over the life of the agreement (half rate of the locality allowance for staff that do not have a dependant spouse). 

On top of this, we had a robust discussion around rostered days off and the inclusion of a 9-day fortnight for staff. Please email [email protected]  to give him feedback as to whether you would prefer a 9-day fortnight or a half day every Friday as is the current arrangement.

Our Union has also proposed improvements to your redundancy clause and inclusion of paid parental leave in your agreement. Council will be providing feedback on this shortly. Our next meeting will be in early September. Our Local Government Lead Organiser Tom Rivers will be visiting NPARC work sites on Monday 11th September to talk about your wages and conditions.

Strong outcomes at the negotiation table are only possible with strong membership. Work with someone new to Council or who isn't a TSU member? Forward them this email. Joining online is quick, easy, confidential, and can be done here .

Bargaining full steam ahead at NPARC.