Backpay at Southern Downs? Your Union Delivers!

Regardless of how long it takes, The Services Union will be by your side to get the best possible bargaining outcomes. Today our Union participated in further discussions with Southern Downs Regional Council with the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). After a lengthy negotiation, we now have an offer from Council that we believe is worthy of your consideration:
•             4% back-paid to 1 July 2022
•             4% to be paid from July 2023
•            The greater of 3.5% or CPI (capped at 4%) from July 2024

Special Family Leave
The parties have agreed to minor changes to the current clause to prevent the entitlement from being misused, with some further parameters regarding evidence and notification periods also included.

Span of Hours  
The Council has agreed to remove their claim regarding changes to the span of hours.

Union Members Decide
Members of The Services Union can now vote on whether to accept the proposal above. We have sent all members a link to an electronic survey which closes at 5pm on Friday 9 December. If you have not received your survey link, please advise as soon as possible via [email protected].

Well done to members for standing up for a fair outcome. Welcome to those who joined throughout the negotiations to help make the offer above happen. If you work with someone who you know will appreciate the improved pay deal but is not yet a member, remind them that joining is easy here.

Above: ASU is the Union fighting for Southern Downs Regional Council.