Aruma's new options on the table

Your Unions negotiating representatives bring you the latest update on the ongoing Aruma Enterprise Agreement talks. Here's what's happening and how it affects you:

Aruma’s Revised Claims: Exploring New Options

Here’s Aruma’s two options for consideration:

Option 1:

Align QLD staff's sleepover allowance with NSW's, currently at 3.5 hours (compared to QLD's fixed 4.9% of the weekly wage).

Trade-off: QLD arvo and night shift allowances (currently 5% higher than NSW and ACT) and lose 25% Saturday shift loading to match NSW rates.

Grandfather existing staff to the new rates; new staff to work off SCHADS award rates.

Option 2:

Maintain all current QLD shift rates and sleepover allowances.

New staff to work off SCHADS rates for sleepovers, nights, arvos, and Saturday shift loadings.

Grandfather existing staff under current provisions.

Union's Stance: Your Feedback Matters

We're eager to hear your thoughts and ideas on these options. Additionally, we're considering a shorter-term agreement, pending member input.

Join the Union: Strength in Unity

For non-union members, now is the time to join our collective voice. With uncertainties looming, your involvement is essential in shaping outcomes that serve your interests.

Stay Informed, Stay United

We'll continue to fight for your rights and fair treatment in the weeks ahead. Your well-being is our top priority.


Above: Workers make the difference at Aruma.