Aruma members endorse the Union log of claims


This week members have come together in online meetings to confirm endorsing the ASU Log of Claims for bargaining your new conditions at Aruma!

Members have agreed on priorities including improvements to wages and pay points, additional leave, career progression and an increase to the sleepover allowance.

Members also rejected Aruma’s proposal to exclude frontline managers from the EA, reduce minimum shift engagement to 2 hours and remove automatic pay point progression.


Your union bargaining team will meet with Aruma next month to continue the negotiations. You will be kept up to date and invited to attend future update meetings.

Make sure your team knows what’s going on by forwarding them this email and nominating a site rep if you don’t have a Delegate - email their name to Aruma Organiser Jeremy Young at: [email protected]

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Above: Aruma members endorse their log of claims.