Aruma September Bargaining Survey


Bargaining for our 2023 Enterprise Agreement is well underway and as your Union, we want to keep you updated and collect your input on our bargaining items. We want to know what you think about our current Rostering and Principals Guidelines and how we can improve on them.

From our last bargaining meeting, bargaining representatives identified a number of items in our current policy that we believe need more clarity and amendments to meet the current climate.

As your representatives, we intend to represent your views on updating the current policy and incorporate this in our Enterprise Agreement.

To aid us, we need to know what you think, what’s good?, bad? and in need of amendment?

We have a quick survey to capture your views that will run from the 1st of September until our next bargaining meeting. To fill out the Survey please click here.

Please click here for a copy of our current Rostering Principals and Guidelines

Want to know more about bargaining at Aruma and how you can join our Union?

Speak to your Union Organiser today and if your colleagues are not Union members yet, ask them to join.

They can join here.

Your Union Delegates and Union Organiser numbers:

Jeremy Young

The Services Union

0407 372 182

Above: The ASU is the union fighting for workers at Aruma.