Congratulations to our Emerging Delegate of the Year from Central Highlands Regional Council – Angus Trusler

Angus joined our Union two years ago and has since become the lead delegate at in his workplace. He also regularly engages with delegates from other councils across Central Queensland to gain their input and provide them with support and feedback on workplace issues and campaigns.

Since becoming a delegate, Angus has increased membership in his workplace by 20%, improved active engagement amongst the membership, supported members facing significant distress and assisted them in accessing flexible working arrangements.

On top of all this, Angus has developed new recruitment and union posters for his workplace, helped map his workplace, encouraged other members to take the step up to become delegates, provided information and education to members about their rights at work in regular meetings, coordinated our Blackwater Labour Day celebration and he regularly welcomes new members to the union while also exploring opportunities to recruit new employees at Council.

Angus supports members facing psychosocial hazards and unfair treatment ensuring their concerns are resolved and support measures are put in place to protect their health and well-being. He also provided leadership and support for our members following a recent fatality at his workplace.

Being able to help those in need is very rewarding as well as securing the correct pay for a member, or helping a member find their voice when they’re not being heard is very rewarding, Angus recently said.

Thank-you Angus for all your incredible work and congratulations on being named our Emerging Delegate of the Year for 2023.

Above: Congratulations Angus.