Anglicare Roster Consultation Update

Over the past three months our union has been by the side of members at Anglicare SQ during the roster consultation process for Residential Youth Workers. We have met with Anglicare Management and provided your feedback to advocate for a new roster pattern that does not leave Union members worse off, and which meets Anglicare’s obligations under the SCHADS Award.

This week, Anglicare held a second round of consultation sessions to discuss the proposal of a 12-hour roster system with 16 hour weekend shifts. These sessions had relatively low attendance in comparison to the previous consultation meetings. If you did not attend a consultation session this week and you have feedback or do not agree with any of the proposed rosters, it is important that you let Anglicare management know.


Our Union’s priority in the implementation of any new roster is ensuring that our members are not left worse off. For us to advocate on your behalf, it is important that you provide us with your feedback. Please contact your Union Organiser, Imogen Smith, as soon as possible if you have reviewed the 12-hour roster and you believe the proposed roster will result in:
  1. A reduction in hours worked per fortnight and approximately how many hours you believe you will lose or;
  2. A reduction of income based on the modelling that has been provided or your own figures (the modelling provided to you was based on level 3.4 of the SCHADS Award and may be above your actual rate of pay) or;
  3. That there is no line in the proposed 12-hour roster that would be suitable for you to work based on your personal circumstances.
New contracts or contract variation

Throughout this process we have identified that in the past Anglicare workers have been provided with contracts that do not reflect actual hours worked. For example, you may have a contract that offers you a minimum of 10 hours per fortnight, but you routinely work upwards of 64 hours per fortnight. It is your right to have a contract that reflects your hours worked. Your contract not only provides you with job security, but it is also an important industrial document should there be any future changes in your workplace. We will work with Anglicare Management to review the new contracts or contract variation to ensure that it is compliant and that it offers you the security that you deserve. Union Members can have their new contracts reviewed by our union office for your peace of mind.


Anglicare SQ has advised that they intend on implementing new rosters for Residential Youth Workers within an 8-12 week period. Based on this we believe the new rosters will be implemented at some point in June 2024.

In the coming weeks Anglicare will hold an online vote where you will have the opportunity to vote for either the 8-hour or 12-hour roster pattern that has been proposed. The voting will be open for 2 weeks. Anglicare will assess the outcome of the vote and decide on the direction they will take. Following this, you will discuss your roster options with your coordinator before it is determined which line you will be rostered on. Anglicare has committed to providing you with 4 weeks’ notice of your roster change.

If at any point you are seeking additional advice or support with this process, please reach out to your Union Organiser directly:

Imogen Smith
[email protected]
0419 679 479

If you are sharing this email or information with your colleagues, ask them to join your union. Members are stronger together and there is more work to do to ensure you have fair pay and conditions at Anglicare SQ. Join online here:

Above:  Our Union is by the side of Union Members at Anglicare