Anglicare Residential Youth Workers Roster Consultation Update


Our Union is by the side of members at Anglicare SQ, representing you throughout the current roster consultation for Youth Workers in Residential Out of Home Care.

Our Union met with Anglicare SQ Management to discuss the proposed roster change and the feedback that we have received from Union Members.

Thus far, the feedback that we have received from members aligns with the feedback provided to us by Management which is to retain a 24-hour rostering model as it:

  • provides the best model of care;
  • assists in delivering work/life balance; 
  • Allows employees to meet other outside of work commitments.

Based on the discussion we feel confident that Management has heard that Youth Workers are not satisfied with the proposed roster and that alternative options will need to be explored which may or may not include 24-hour rosters.

Our Union put our position to Anglicare SQ that the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Award 2010 (‘the Award’) specifically provides that the sleepover and any hours worked either side of the sleepover are to be deemed one continuous shift. The Fair Work Ombudsman agrees and a copy can be found here. Feedback indicates that in some cases there are regular disturbances occurring during sleepovers. In these cases, Anglicare SQ should look at alternate options such as the use of awake/active night shifts. Anglicare SQ agreed to undertake an audit to better understand where awake/active night shifts may need to be implemented. Management expressed an understanding that there is no single solution to rostering and there may need to be a case-by-case solution applied. Through this process, union members have shifted Management’s thinking and influenced deeper consideration of all possible rostering options.

In addition, the following were outcomes of the meeting:

  • Consultation has been extended until the end of February.
  • Anglicare no longer has the intention of implementing the proposed roster on 4 March 2024 as per the initial letter to Youth Workers.
  • Anglicare SQ agreed to update impacted workers regarding the proposed timeline.
  • Learning that the rostering issue also impacts Anglicare SQ Insync Youth Workers and consultation with these impacted staff will occur in the coming week.
  • 24-hour shift rosters will remain in place until a suitable alternative is reached.
  • Any roster outcome needs to be Award compliant.

After hearing from members, we are now seeking to address these additional issues:

  • Minimum contracted hours for Part-Time employees – union members have indicated they are systematically working rostered shift hours that are well beyond their contracted hours. We have requested that Anglicare SQ undertake a review of contracted hours to provide security of hours for Youth Workers and ensure Award compliance.
  • Ongoing Union access to staff meetings – Anglicare SQ Management have given confirmation that our Union will be invited to team meetings and induction sessions for Residential Youth Workers going forward.

What’s next for our Union:

  • We will hold an online follow-up meeting for Youth Workers – union members and those who are yet to join are invited to attend this session. Any ongoing meetings will be for Union Members only.
  • Continue receiving feedback from members and represent members in any ongoing consultation sessions.
  • Continue to communicate with Management on behalf of union members.

Our Union’s ongoing involvement is dependent on you, our members. If you are yet to join our Union, it’s time to stand together with your colleagues, be represented, and receive advice and support by joining today:

For further questions or feedback, contact your Union Organiser:

Imogen Smith

[email protected]

0419 679 479

By your side,

The Services Union


Above:  Our Union is by the side of Union Members at Anglicare