Agreement In Principle Reached at Moreton Bay Regional Council

As your ally in the workplace at, we have been by your side throughout the entire EBA5 negotiation process, ensuring that you get the pay and conditions you deserve.

We know it has taken a long time to get to where we are, but the devil is in the detail and we have made sure that you now have an agreement that is easy to navigate and has improved conditions!

The proposed CA contains the following improvements:

  • Pay increases for all staff:
    o   4% for Year 1 (backdated to 1 July 2022).
    o   4% for Year 2 (July 2023).
    o   3.5% or CPI capped at 4% for Year 3 (July 2024).
  • Increased penalty rates for any five in seven Stream A staff working Saturday and Sunday
    o   Time and a half on Saturday.
    o   Double time on Sunday.
  • Redundancy clarity – The new clause has taken out the CEO’s discretion to approve redundancies, which means that if you are made redundant and there are no suitable alternative jobs for you, then you will be entitled to receive up to a maximum of 58 weeks redundancy.
  • Natural Disaster Leave – The new clause makes it clearer that the CEO can determine that a natural disaster has occurred rather than waiting for the disaster to be declared. Making it clear that Council does not have to wait until the ‘declaration of a disaster situation’ is a positive improvement to the current clause, particularly when we think about the 2022 floods.
  • RDO Banking – Increase in staffs’ ability to bank RDOs up from seven days to ten days.
  • Parental Leave – Superannuation will now be paid on the paid component of parental leave.
Based on members’ feedback and our review of the Council’s draft, we have given agreement for the Council to put the proposed CA to a staff ballot. The Council will shortly provide details of the voting process.

In the meantime, remind your colleagues of what we’re doing to improve your conditions and pay at Council. If you work with anyone who is not yet a member, encourage them to join online.
The Services Union is the Union fighting for workers at Moreton Bay Regional Council