Advocating for fair pay between Aae and Qantas Workers 

 Recently, the Federal Government took a stand against unfair workplace practices by amending the Fair Work Act. These changes aim to prevent employers from exploiting loopholes that pay workers differently when those workers are doing similar jobs side-by-side.

The Qantas Group is a prime example. Within this Group, there's Australian AirExpress (AaE), which operates alongside Qantas Freight. Surprisingly, despite performing the same tasks, many AaE employees receive lower pay than their colleagues at Qantas Freight. Establishing labour-hire arrangements or subsidiaries that operate alongside each other is a tactic employers use to maintain lower wage levels.

The updated legislation seeks to tackle this issue head-on, ensuring that AaE workers are fairly compensated and not left behind. As AaE and Qantas Freight become increasingly integrated, it's only fair that AaE employees receive no less than their Qantas counterparts.

The legislation might not have come to fruition without our campaigning to support these laws. Now that it has come into effect, we have written to Qantas Group to enforce these provisions and advocate that AaE workers are not left behind.

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