Aruma members - RSVP to have your voice heard

Recently, we saw Aruma’s proposed bargaining position...and it was not in line with our Best NDIS claims! Aruma’s proposal included:

  • Reduction in shift minimums from 3 hours to 2 hours
  • Removal of automatic annual pay point progressions
  • Proposal to exclude all staff classified above level 4 from the new agreement (yes, you read that right- all MSLs and MCs would be cut out of the enterprise agreement)
We know that members expect bargaining to build onto their current conditions, not to go backwards.

That’s why we need you to vote on your top priorities and we are going to visit every team meeting by the end of May so this can happen.

We have conducted hundreds of member surveys and collected your views about what is important, including additional pay points, to increase allowances and expand the types of leave offered at Aruma. 

How can you help?

  1. Share this post with your team and ask everyone to join The Services Union to make sure your voice and bargaining position is strong.
  2. Find out when your next team meeting is and let your organiser Jeremy Young know on [email protected] 

Register below for one of the Bargain Briefings at the end of next month

Register here for Wednesday May 31st, 4pm – 5pm

Register here for Thursday June 1, 12pm – 1pm

Together, members at Aruma can stand for better pay, recognition of service and skills and career progression.