A step closer to a new Agreement at North Burnett

As your ally in the workplace the Services Union has significant experience in negotiating and arbitrating Certified Agreements in Local Government. North Burnett Regional Council’s application for assistance from the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) to make a new agreement came on for a brief hearing today in front of Industrial Commissioner Dwyer.

Commissioner Dwyer has now listed the application for a conciliation conference in Gayndah on 23 and 24 March 2023.

The Commissioner also issued directions to the parties to file details of outstanding matters and outlines of arguments in relation to those claims. The Services Union will be working with Delegates to compile this information over the next few weeks.

The Council must now also argue as to why its current representative, Ms S. Wishart, has any entitlement to appear in the proceedings as the Industrial Relations Act does not authorise her appearance in the circumstances.

For members not familiar with the process, the Commissioner will now assist the parties to try to reach agreement but if an agreement is not reached, the matter will be referred to a three member Bench of the QIRC to decide any outstanding matters.

Members will have the opportunity to discuss all about this in our Union meeting midday next Tuesday.

Only Services Union members will be in the driving seat for these proceedings. Membership is easy, JOIN HERE. 


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