A big week of bargaining ahead

Your ASU team is preparing for our 5th bargaining meeting with management later this week. It’s going to be an important meeting as we are pushing for improvements to the things members have told us are important to them:

  • Fair pay increases: We are so proud that action by ASU members has forced Qantas to improve its pay position to 3% increases a year – but this is still far below the cost of living increases members are experiencing. Why is a 15% pay increase good for Alan Joyce, but only 3% for the workers who got Qantas through the pandemic?
  • Fix rostering: ASU members want a roster that delivers work/life balance, is predictable and stable, and that is safe. We are calling on Qantas for rosters at least 4 weeks in advance, that pay you more if you have a change within 7 days, no extreme changes, and that create a safe workplace. We need Qantas to make good on its promise and get back to holding local rostering committees.
  • Increase paid parental leave: Qantas likes to think of itself as an employer of choice and a champion of change but its current parental leave entitlements are woefully inadequate and don’t match what other major Australian companies are doing. ASU members want increased parental leave, and for this to be extended to secondary carers - to make sure that all parents get the opportunity spend time with their newborn child.
  • Job Security: We need Qantas to commit to its hardworking staff and prioritise directly employed Qantas employees. This also means more full time jobs and more hours for the part time employees who want them.
SPG employees

Qantas is busy trying to sell its plan to cut the pay and conditions of SPG employees to staff. ASU members have told us they know better – unless you are covered by the enterprise agreement you will no longer get guaranteed annual pay increases. We’ve even heard from SPG employees who have previously been on the Qantas management framework and then moved back to the ASU enterprise agreement – they do not want to go back to an individual contract! We also know that this is just a tactic to weaken the bargaining power of all ASU enterprise agreement employees – so we all need to stick together. We will have another update on this one shortly, but for now we need as many people as possible to sign our petition demanding that SPG employees remain covered by the enterprise agreement here: We want a fair deal for all workers.

If you are not yet an ASU member now is the time to join – we are fighting for fair pay increases for all staff, better job security, better rostering, and increased parental leave. You can join the ASU here.

Watch this space later in the week for updates for ASU members on the outcomes of our negotiations. If you require any support or additional information, please contact your local ASU delegates or ASU organiser at:

Above: Qantas Airport