Strengthening Queensland Rail

The Services Union  knows that a highly qualified, skilled, professional, and sustainable workforce is essential at Queensland Rail (QR). Members know that leadership, culture, work design and work environment shape these outcomes. To support our members, our Union seeks to work with QR  to develop and implement improved health and wellbeing outcomes for members.

Our members have developed a campaign to Strengthen the QR Workforce. We are working together to improve:

Fair Pay and Working Conditions including:

  • Fair pay with regular wage increases that keep up with the cost of living;
  • Correct Classification for work;
  • Time and budget for employee development;
  • Consultation standards for workplace matter; and
  • Improving procedural fairness when investigations arise at work.

Job Security:

  • Employment that maximises permanent employment;
  • A smooth return to work process for those employees who have been on leave eg. for parenting, because of injury or illness, considered unfit for duty or who are experiencing a mental health condition.

Workplace Health and Safety:

  • Ensure safe and high-quality supports and programs for the workforce.In particular, supports and programs prioritising mental health and wellbeing.
  • Provisions to ensure good job design and workload management to balance job demands.
  • Provisions to enable Health and Safety representatives at a reasonable ratio to be trained and perform their work.


  • A Positive Work-Life Balance
  • Creating a fair workplace that provides the opportunity to access flexible workplace practices such as working from home, working part-time and flexible rosters;
  • Supporting wellness by increasing access to health initiatives at work and creating a healthy workplace.
  • Access to leave.

    Fair Rostering for Workers

  • Master Roster Compliance
  • Own your Rostered Link
  • Representation and consultation when developing master rosters.

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I am a proud member and Workplace Delegate for The Services Union - the largest union for Local Government employees."
Scott - ASU Member - Local Govt.   

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