Making the NDIS the best it can be

NDIS workers provide invaluable support to over 500,000 people living with a  disability. But flaws in the system make it difficult to recruit and retain workers.

Through Make the NDIS best it can be campaign, we are working together to win:

✓ Fair pay and working conditions for NDIS workers
✓ Meaningful careers and professional development 
✓ Recognition of our skills and expertise 
✓ Secure jobs with stable and predictable working hours

Be part of it:
✔ Join The Services Union  (and encourage your workmates to do the same). We will then make contact with you to arrange a workplace visit to talk about our NDIS campaign.
✔ Once you are a union member, you can ask an Union Organiser to visit your worksite to discuss the campaign with you and your workmates
✔ Download the toolkit on how to get your workplace active in the campaign.  

Update 11 December 2023.

Members have been fighting for a better NDIS that works for everyone and there are some wins in today's report.
In addition to portable training and leave, our calls to the Government for pricing and payments that reflect the true cost of delivery and investment in mental health and psychosocial supports have also been heard. See the full list of recommendations:


ASU members across the Country rallied, danced, held workplace meetings, and more to unite the calls of thousands of NDIS workers and participants as part of the ASU’s #bestNDIS Week of Action. Check out our branch’s facebook page!

The promise of the NDIS was a disability sector with high quality services. It was a sector with supported, trained, and well-paid workers. After years of neglect, the NDIS must deliver on its promise to people with disability. People with disability deserve nothing less.

ASU members are calling for the NDIS to be best it can be through:
  • Better wages and conditions whereby NDIS workers will be covered by Minimum Award conditions and Equal Pay
  • Better training and careers for NDIS workers including Portable Training Entitlements and free accredited training
  • Better services for people with disability by bringing in more NDIS workers and helping existing NDIS workers stay in the sector
The Federal Minister for the NDIS Bill Shorten attended an ASU #bestNDIS action with workers and participants endorsing our campaign.

"[W]e need to have portable training leave... we need to have portable leave entitlements. ... [and] we need to make sure that people are paid properly.”

-Bill Shorten, Minister for the NDIS.

Thanks to every single ASU member for your work last week and through the ASU’s ongoing Make the NDIS the Best it Can Be campaign.

Next steps for the #bestNDIS:

The Albanese Government has announced a review in the NDIS. To keep the pressure on the Government to deliver on a better NDIS as part of its review, we will contact you in the coming weeks to ask you to write a letter to the NDIS review in support of the ASU campaign.

The more voices we have unified for our vision, the stronger we will be in getting the best NDIS possible for members and the people you support.


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