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How We Are Run and Our Elected Structures

The Services Union ensures transparency in how we are run and our elected structures. Our Union is a democratic union run by our members, for members. Our members set the direction for our Union and they participate in decision making, policy and strategic direction. Please find our Union’s Rules here.

The Services Union is overseen by our Branch Council, which is directly elected by members. The broad objectives of The Services Union (its reasons for existing) are set out in our rules. These objectives were established at the time our Union was formed. The role of the Branch Council is to interpret these objectives in the current day setting and then formulate the strategic objectives, which are the priorities for our Union, and are ultimately from the direction of our members.

The decisions made at the Branch Council are formed into strategic industry objectives and operational plans which are then adopted by the Branch Executive to guide the work of our Union for the next 12 months to two years.

There are 63 Branch Councillors who are elected members every four years. Branch Councillors sit on our Union’s Council for a four-year period.

Our Branch Executive Committee meets to plan and implement our Union strategies. The Branch Executive Committee has the role of ensuring that resources are allocated to priorities in line with the rules of our Union, the Branch Council policy parameters and the advice from Industry Division Committees.

The Branch Executive is 14 members who hold the positions of the Branch President, a Vice-President representing each Industry Division (these divisions of our union are explained further below), a Vice-President (Women), a Vice-President (Youth), Branch Treasurer, and two paid officers – the Branch Secretary and the Branch Executive President. Each member of the Executive is elected to their role by members.

Our Union’s operations at an industry level are guided by Industry Divisions. These are Local Authorities and Brisbane City Council, Energy, Transport and Northern Administrative and Social and Community Services,.

The members in each of the Industry Divisions elect an Industry Division Committee whose role it is to inform on the industrial priorities for their particular industry grouping. Each industry component of an Industry Division Committee is represented on the Branch Executive via a Branch Vice-President and on Branch Council via a Branch Councillor.

Our Workplace Delegates are members who are passionate about ensuring the working rights and conditions are sustained and enhanced in their workplaces and for their industries. Many Workplace Delegates also take an active part in the collective-bargaining process. Amongst other jobs, many Workplace Delegates  represent union members in the workplace, talk to potential members of our Union and provide that very important link between members, our Union and the union office.

Through our Union structure, the aim is to always ensure it is our members’ voices that set our priorities. This is how we achieve Real Change.

Join us, support us and make a difference. The Services Union is always by your side.

The Branch Executive is assisted in running our Union by two elected and paid officials, Secretary Neil Henderson, who oversees the running of our Union, and Executive President Jennifer Thomas, who is charge of our Union’s operations.

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