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SEQWATER – Union Delivers 11.2% Pay Increase

Seqwater’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) negotiations have now reached In-Principal status with management and this has been made possible because of members of The Services Union – like you!

Everything we have done throughout the EA negotiations has been done with the inclusion of members’ input and ideas.

Special thanks to Workplace Delegates Damian Long and Leonie Quick who worked extremely hard throughout the EA negotiations to deliver fair and just outcomes.

What Does Your New EA Mean For You?

Our Union has been able to secure some major changes in this EA for Seqwater employees. Pending a “yes” vote from employees and approval by the Fair Work Commission employees will see:

  • 11.2% pay increase over the next 4 years;
  • Parity between AO and PO on-call allowance;
  • Ability to work compressed hours (9-day fortnight);
  • Increase to banked ADO limit to 5 days;
  • Paid Union-meetings;
  • Union information available on WaterNet & Digital Information Boards; and
  • Inclusion of more than 100 employees that will be covered by the EA.

This is fantastic news for you and your colleagues, and it is proof of the collective strength we have been able to build in your workplace.

For more information please contact your Workplace Delegates.

If you have a colleague that is not yet a member, but will reap the rewards of your new EA – ask them to get on board and join our Union. It’s the perfect time! They can join online at:


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