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Rosters with Queensland Rail’s SAPIENS – A Summary of Feedback

As employees at Queensland Rail (QR) would know, QR Station Operations Rosters are now using the SAPIENS system.  Our Senior Workplace Delegate, Andrew Somerville has been working to support the introduction of this system for Station Operations Rosters.

There have been a number of concerns raised by members and we are encouraging members to provide their feedback relating to this rostering system to their Delegates so that any concerns can be resolved.  A number of issues have been raised and a summary of this feedback is noted below:

  1. Rostered days off not being shown if you work from one day into the next (for example 1715 Tuesday – 0115 Wednesday, the RDO is not shown for Wednesday).
  2. Staff aren’t able to check their roster from home.
  3. Staff aren’t sure of the Higher-Grade status of a shift as the system only shows the location but not the classification.
  4. The formatting of the overall roster is extremely hard to follow.
  5. Members have queries why they cannot still receive their rosters in excel when they are aware that the Rosters are developed in excel and then populated in to SAPIEN.
  6. ASM’s and management across the network have full access to personal employee information (eg. home address).
  7. Acting ASM’s do not have access to the ASM/GSM View and as such are not able to print / post or view rosters.
  8. Feedback from members relating to concerns that communications and processes are being implemented (interim or long term) and being sent via email; which has often resulted in there being more than one version of a message or communication being sent.

The Services Union has been advised that there are improvements coming for the SAPIENS system that will make it more user friendly. It has also been noted that there is a need for additional training for ASMs.

Our Union is working with our Senior Delegate and Management to have these issues resolved and we are hopeful that the system will be upgraded to support these requirements as soon as possible.  Please forward your feedback and additional concerns relating to the system to your Delegates and to our Union so that we can ensure that actions are taken to resolve these concerns.


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