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Queensland Rail Train Controllers on Track for a Fantastic Agreement!

Transport & Northern Admin February 18, 2020

We are pleased to inform Train Control members of The Services Union at Queensland Rail (QR) that our Protected Action Ballot has been voted up.

The results indicate a strong vote on each of the actions, which will send a strong message to QR about what our Train Control members are prepared to do to reach an agreement.


Meeting with Delegates

Last Friday, on 14 February 2020, the Union met with Workplace Delegates to discuss our strategy in these negotiations.

Union Delegates agreed that we would respond to Scenario Five of QR’s latest offer. It was also decided to make a counter-offer incorporating the first-year wages offset of 2.75%, followed by 3% and 3% for the subsequent two years.

In our response to QR, we will make it clear that our Projected Leave claim always incorporated both annual and long service leave. Our response will also make it clear that the ‘package’ offered must include the shift allowance rolled into the base in three instalments of 4%.


Response to QR

Now that the ballot has been declared and we have returned a favourable result, we intend to formally correspond with QR to convey our counter-offer today.


Further meeting regarding the proposed actions

Unions will meet this Thursday to finalise the actions to be notified across QR as members would be aware that there are a number of Agreement areas to be finalised.

We will also continue to engage with QR and consider any proposals in accordance with our statutory obligations. Stay tuned for updates.

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