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Queensland Rail Train Control EBA Approved!

Transport & Northern Admin September 15, 2020

We have received advice from the Fair Work Commission that the Queensland Rail (QR) Train Control Agreement has been formally approved and will come into effect on 21 September  2020!  Congratulations to all members on this fantastic achievement!!  The Agreement has been negotiated by The Services Union and your Workplace Delegates to significantly improve your pay and conditions.  The key outcomes included in the Train Control Agreement are summarised below:

Fatigue Management – No more than 12 days to be worked in 14.

Shift Allowance – The 12% Shift Allowance will be rolled into the Base Rate of Pay throughout the life of the Agreement and that the Superannuation Guarantee be paid for the new Base Rate.  A slightly lower pay rise for the second-year increase was negotiated to offset the cost of this change to the Base Rate.

Annual and Long services leave – Penalties paid as per Master Roster, if working higher grade before taking leave, the payment for the leave will be at the Higher Duties rate and Shift workers will receive leave loading of 20%.

Trauma Leave – 3 Days of Leave for employees who experience critical incidents at work.

Flexible Work Arrangements – Employees can organise working arrangement in a more flexible way to balance personal and family needs.  These include Job Sharing, Working from Home, Transition to Retirement Arrangements etc.

Access to Long Service Leave and Annual Leave when personal leave is exhausted.

This fantastic agreement has been achieved by our Union, Members and Delegates to significantly improve your working conditions.

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