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Queensland Rail – Station Operations – Union Catch Up

Transport & Northern Admin February 10, 2021

The Services Union met with Queensland Rail (QR) Station Operations Management for our fortnightly update.  There were a variety of topics discussed:

Traincrew Meal room

The requirement for Train Crew Meal Room’s to be cleaned was discussed.  This should only be wipe down of touch points when not busy as opposed to a full clean.  There was a discussion about contract cleaners vs station staff being required to clean stations.  A list of sites that utilise Contract Cleaners will be provided.

Fare Gates:

It was asked if a risk assessment had been done on the spit barriers, and if a hand can be placed over the sensor at the fare gates.   Andrew Somerville (Senior Delegate) advised that it was in the operations manual that this could be done but there was inconsistent advice relating to the safety of this action. Research will be undertaken to see if Risk Assessments has been completed for the fare gates and if there were statistics relating to “incidents” of close contact at fare gates.

COVID Cleaning / Variety of Work

The requirement for Resource Centre Porters to be utilised for COVID cleaning was discussed.   Some members are concerned that they aren’t being allocated a variety of work and that their Station Operations skills are not being utilised.  This issue will be further discussed.

Business Operating Model (BOM)

The continued reference to a future BOM and any changes that might be implemented was discussed.  It was noted that any change to the BOM would come from Government and the highest levels of management at QR.  It was requested that any information relating to a future BOM be provided as soon as any change was incdicated.


The need to report security concerns to Security Monitoring Officers (SMOs) was discussed.  It was noted that SMO’s need to understand the importance that Station Operations staff place on this reporting requirement and that the SMO’s should care about the reports and provide an adequate response.

Rostering 4 weeks’ Notice (Days Not Rostered)

The provision of Operational Rosters with only 4 days’ notice was discussed and how track closures can impact on the roster and the notice period that should be implemented if there is going to be change of requirements.  It was noted that there should be 4 weeks’ notice if there are going to be track closures that may affect rosters.

Rostering Principles

The ongoing review of the Rostering Principles was discussed.  It was noted that the Rostering Principles should relate to principles and not processes.   The minutes from the last meeting of the Rostering Principles review would be distributed.

If there are any concerns that members are experiencing in the workplace, please let us know so that this can be raised at our fortnightly meetings.  The 2021 LCC Meetings and the NCC meetings will commence shortly and this will provide another forum for raising operational concerns that are impacting on members.

Please don’t hesitate to contact your Workplace Delegate or Organiser Jacqui Pedersen  on 3844 5300.


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