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Queensland Rail Station Operations EBA Endorsed!!

Transport & Northern Admin September 15, 2020

We have received advice from the Fair Work Commission that the Queensland Rail (QR) Station Operations Agreement has been formally endorsed and will come into effect on the 21st September.  Congratulations to all members on this fantastic achievement!!  The Agreement has been negotiated by The Services Union and your Workplace Delegates to significantly improve your pay and conditions.  The key outcomes included in the Station Operations Agreement are summarised below:

  • Banked Time – employees can choose to bank time rather than be paid overtime.  You can bank up to 5 days. If not taken during 12 months, will be paid at overtime rates.  This will apply to casuals and new employees!!!
  • Rostering Stability – Days no rostered to be guaranteed 4 weeks in advance except where the employee agrees to work higher grade.  Rostered posted by 2pm on the Thursday before the week.  Shifts will be aligned to master roster e.g. early shifts, mids or lates.
  • Station Classifications – Some stations will be reclassified at a lower level, but existing staff will not be affected.  Where a station is reclassified at a higher level they will not need to reapply for their position.
  • GSM Boundary Changes – Some GSM Boundaries will be realigned and there will be two new GSM locations – Springfield Central and Redbank instead to replace Corinda.  Porters will be given their preference for which GSM group they prefer.
  • Resource Centre Shift Worker Definition – “All Resource Centre porters working a full-time roster and who have availability across that roster will be considered shift workers under this agreement.”
  • Relief within GSM locations – GSMs as part of their role will recommend higher grade relief replacements from within their GSM group in recognition that employees within the group have the skills and experience to act in higher grade roles.
  • Ekka Leave – QR will call for EOI for Ekka and will use leave links geographically closest to the Ekka Station.  The Show holiday will be Ekka Wednesday for the whole network.
  • Trauma Leave – 3 Days of Leave for employees who experience critical incidents at work.
  • Flexible Work Arrangements – Employees can organize working arrangement in a more flexible way to balance personal and family needs.  These include Job Sharing, Working from Home, Transition to Retirement Arrangements etc.
  • Access to Long Service Leave and Annual Leave when personal leave is exhausted.

This fantastic agreement has been achieved by our Union, members and Delegates to achieve significant improvements to your working conditions.

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