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QUEENSLAND RAIL CASUALS……Are You Eligible For Overtime?

Transport & Northern Admin February 5, 2020

The Services Union has received queries from our Queensland Rail members who are employed as Resource Centre Casuals about Overtime.

Below is a clear summary of your eligibility for Over-Time if you are employed as a Casual:

  • All casual employees can be rostered up to 12hrs ordinary time in one shift if this was the original shift duration
  • If a casual employee has less than 8hrs rostered and an extension is required, they will be paid ordinary casual hours up to 8hrs and then overtime.  For example:
    • original shift is 6hrs and it is extended to 10hrs. The employee will be paid 8hrs ordinary and 2 hours overtime
    • original shift is 6hrs and it is extended to 8hrs.  The employee will be paid 8hrs ordinary

It is very important that all casual employees understand their eligibility for overtime.  When the new Station Operations EBA comes into effect, employees will have the option of being paid their overtime or banking this time for paid leave.

Employees will be able to accrue up to 5 days of overtime (time for time) for paid leave.  If this leave isn’t taken within 12 months of accrual, it will be paid out at Over-Time Rates.

If you feel that you have worked shifts where you should have been paid over-time, please let us know asap.

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Services Union Services Connect Team –

P: 3844 5300 E:


Services Union Rail Organiser, Jacqui Pedersen –

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