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Qld Rail – Station Operations – Do you need a Doctor’s Certificate for Personal Leave Days?

Transport & Northern Admin November 16, 2020

We have been contacted by members who are concerned about being directed to produce a Doctor’s Certificate for personal/carers leave.  The Clause relating to his requirement in your Enterprise Agreement is very clear:

Evidence requirements

44.14 An employee must provide evidence for absences due to personal/carers leave which exceed 2 working days

44.15 An exception will apply when:

44.15.1 A review of the employee’s personal (sick and carer’s) leave records has revealed that the employee’s record of attendance gives cause for reasonable concern.  In that instance, the employee will subsequently be interviewed, and if they cannot provide satisfactory reason for the absences, they can be directed (for a maximum period of six months) to provide evidence for all absences;

We are concerned that requests for a Doctor’s Certificate when not required puts pressure on employees who are unwell and are exercising their right to take personal leave.

If your supervisor is concerned about the amount of personal leave that you are taking, or any patterns of leave taken (for example personal leave taken after RDOs), they can request an interview with you to discuss this matter.  This meeting request should be sent with enough notice, so that you can arrange a support person to attend the meeting with you.  If during the meeting, it is determined that “you are unable to provide a satisfactory reason for the absences”, your supervisor may direct you to provide a Doctors Certificate for all personal leave.  This directive can only be applied for a period of six months and is a formal directive that should be provided to you in writing.

If you have experienced this pressure to produce a Doctor’s Certificate for personal leave, please let us know.  If you have taken personal leave as per the entitlement in your EA but have been unpaid for this leave due to a requirement to present a Doctor’s Certificate that is unnecessary, contact us.

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