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Qantas Group Stand Downs, Jobseeker Payments and more

Qantas Group stand downs, jobseeker payments and other important matters

Things are moving very fast and changing daily. It is confusing and stressful for members.

As members in operational areas in Qantas, Jetstar, AAE and QantasLink know we were able to negotiate with the Qantas Group to get two week blocks of work available during stand down periods so that the work that was available at airports and freight could be shared fairly. That was negotiated when flying domestically was at 40 % loads – but loads as we know are changing dramatically with the Federal government and various states limiting domestic travel.

In consultation with your ASU delegates we are looking at the stand down periods closely as many people are now saying they need letters from the Qantas group that specify that the stand down period is longer than 2 weeks to be able to access Jobseeker payments. There is conflicting advice from Centrelink about this and we are trying to confirm exactly what they require. The issue has been raised already with the Qantas Group and we are confident they will assist in providing what is required.

We are also trying to clarify what the position is in accessing Jobseeker payments if you have accumulated annual leave and long service leave. The Federal Treasurer announced on TV earlier this week that you had to exhaust your leave before being able to access Jobseeker payments –that is also the advice from the ACTU. But other sources are saying different things including Centrelink.

We hope to have a definitive answer ASAP but this is proving easier to say than achieve.

There are continuing discussions about issues like how annual leave payments will be calculated when you are on stand down – we are advocating that pre stand down rosters be used for shift workers, we are awaiting the Qantas Group response. There are other issues we are talking about like people on long term sick leave, parental leave etc. etc. not to mention how rosters are formed.

We are also expecting more stand downs in non-operational areas and are working through this.

As we have information it will be communicated through organisers and delegates and to members directly. The ASU will always be by your side in good times and in hard times.

Need more information?

For more information contact your local organisers:

Branch Contact Mobile
NSW US Thomas  Russell 0419 761 320
NSW/ACT Services Amanda Perkins (02) 9310 4000
VIC/TAS A&S Aaron De La Torre 0427 813 821
VIC PS Victor Jose 0425 753 756
VIC PS Imogen Sturni 0433 339 656
QLD SNA Glenn Desmond 0427 975 806
QLD Together Billy Colless 0419 736 886
SA/NT Lesley Till 0497 555 875
WA Yvonne Klaa 0417 969 767

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