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Jetstar – ASU Secures Audit of Maternity Leave Payments

The ASU raised concerns about part-time employees on maternity leave being underpaid. Jetstar has now accepted that it has underpaid at least one employee on maternity leave, and has agreed to audit all maternity leave from January 2020. This audit may find other underpayment instances, and underpaid employees will be entitled to receive the outstanding money. If you have accessed paid maternity leave since January 2020 and are unsure if you have received the correct entitlement, please speak with your Organiser.

We have also met with Jetstar and discussed other issues affecting members.

Dropping below minimum engagement hours.

ASU has argued that Jetstar should not refuse shift swaps where the employee would fall slightly below their minimum hours of engagement. Jetstar has said it will not allow shift swaps in those circumstances. It means at

  1. Tullamarine, Sydney, Brisbane, Coolangatta and Cairns airports, employees must work the minimum weekly part-time hours of twenty-five (25) hours, and
  2. Hobart, Adelaide, Launceston and Avalon airports, employees must work the minimum weekly part-time hours of twenty (20) hours.

However, Jetstar has agreed to decrease the 48-hour block on swapping shifts to 24 hours before the shift commences.

We will continue to advise members who would like to access Flexible Working Arrangements (FWAs). FWAs are available for employees with particular circumstances who are unable to work their minimum hours.

Annual Leave and Waitlisting

Jetstar has approached the Union to discuss how best to manage annual leave approvals and whether it should abolish the leave waitlist. If Jetstar does abolish the waitlist, staff will have a definitive response if their leave is rejected, but it means no waitlist will apply if leave vacancies arise. We have asked Jetstar for more information about this and will consult with our members when it becomes available.

The Airline has previously agreed to publish annual leave rosters on boards so you can see the peak periods, and the move to a four-week roster viewing will be commencing shortly.

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