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It’s Not Over Yet!

We’re taking this all the way. The Government can pretend COVID is over, that we’re back to normal and support for workers isn’t needed anymore. But we know differently.

The day after JobKeeper ended, Brisbane went into a lockdown. Our workplaces and lives are still impacted by COVID, and borders keep slamming shut. Unfortunately the crisis is not yet over.

That’s why our campaign isn’t over and we’re continuing to pressure the Federal Government for support for airlines and aviation workers.

Can you add your voice?

We know this is a really difficult time for many and maybe for you right now.

We need all workers to be given support and security while there is still so much uncertainty for Australians working in airlines and travel.

The Government can fix this now. So far, they have chosen not to. But we’re not done fighting for this support yet.

The Senate Inquiry into the Future of Australian Aviation has just handed down their interim report and it is good news for airlines workers. The Inquiry has made 3 important preliminary recommendations:

1)  Extend JobKeeper or similar for aviation workers.

2)  Extend wage subsidies such as JobKeeper for Australian workers who are employed by companies such as Dnata or Thai Airways, that are owned by foreign sovereign entities and were previously excluded from support due to a loophole.

3) Make aviation sector support conditional on companies not weakening job security for workers.

ASU members gave evidence to the Inquiry at Hearings in Melbourne and Sydney and it is clear the Senate is listening. But the Government isn’t yet.

Can you join our calls for action, and send a message to the Government in Canberra?

We need Scott Morrison and the decision makers in parliament to hear workers in airlines tell them to stand up and act to Keep Australia Flying. Can you send them an email here?


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