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Congratulations to QLD Rail Members

Congratulations to members of The Services Union at QLD Rail on achieving the in-principle agreement for the final EBA negotiation outcomes. QLD Rail employees deliver an essential service to our communities and it has been great to see your achievements recognised and rewarded.

The negotiation of your agreements has been a long journey, but we have succeeded in achieving many fantastic improvements.  You will have now received your back pay. QLD Rail employees who work under the ASPT, Station Operations, Network and Rollingstock Agreements received a 3% pay rise back paid to 1 March 2019. For Station Operations and ASPT employees, there will then be another 3% back paid to 1 March 2020. Shift workers on the Train Control Agreement, and the Network and Rollingstock Agreement employees get a slightly different pay increase in 2020 to offset some of the other improvements to allowances which come into effect once the agreements are formally endorsed. There will be no payrise for any of the agreements in 2021 but another 3% will be paid to all QLD Rail employees on 1 March 2022. These will be four-year agreements.

Below are the highlights in the Agreement improvements that we have achieved:

Improvements to the Core Provisions for all Agreements:

Trauma Leave – 3 Days of Leave for employees who experience critical incidents at work.

Flexible Work Arrangements – Employees can organise their working arrangements in a more flexible way to balance personal and family needs.  This may include Job Sharing, Working from Home, Transition to Retirement Arrangements etc.

Access to Long Service Leave and Annual Leave when personal leave is exhausted.

Allowances – All monetary Allowances will increase by 3% from 1 March 2019, 1 March 2020 and 1 March 2022.


ASPT Agreement Improvements:

Flexible work Arrangements – Employees may propose an hours of work arrangement which may include a four-day week or nine-day fortnight. Such proposals will be considered by the business and approvals will not be unreasonably withheld.


Travel and Tourism and Other Employees Agreement:

Authorised Officers – A separate schedule for AOs will be included in the Agreement.

Reclassification of AOs – AOs will be classified as OS4 employees and Senior AOs as OS6 employees.

First Aid Allowance – Payable to all onboard customer service employees who are trained and required to be First Aid responders.

Travelling Spare – Increased from 8hrs to 10hrs in 24hrs.


Station Operations

Banked Time – Employees can choose to bank time in lieu of payment for additional hours worked.  Banked Time can be accrued up to a maximum of 5 days and can be taken within 12 months of accrual. If accrued time is not taken within 12 months, the accrued time is paid out at overtime rates.

Rostering Stability – Days not rostered are to be guaranteed 4 weeks in advance.  An exception to this is where an employee agrees to work higher grade.  Rosters will be posted no later than 1400 on the Thursday prior to the rostered week. Posted rosters will aim to provide where possible alignments to the shift pattern outlined in the Master Roster eg. Early, Late or Mid shifts.

Station Reclassifications – No existing employees will be disadvantaged by such reclassifications and no existing employees will need to reapply for their position for any increases of up to two grades.

GSM Boundary Changes – Porters will be given their preference of a new group where possible to minimise potential negative impacts. No existing employees will receive a reduction in their current classification or job title.

Shift Worker Definition for Resource Centre employees


Train Control Agreement

Fatigue Management – No more than 12 days to be worked in 14

Shift Allowance – The 12% Shift Allowance will be rolled into the Base Rate of Pay and the Superannuation Guarantee be paid for the new Base Rate from 1 March 2020. Train Control accepts a slightly lower pay rise in the second year to offset the cost of this change to the Base Rate.

Annual and Long Service Leave – Shift workers will be paid projected penalties whilst on annual and long service leave.


Network Agreement

On-call on LDOsEmployees on LDO will not be placed on-call on their LDO unless mutually agreed or business-critical.

Sewerage Allowance – Increased from one to three hours.

Shift Definition – All hours outside of 6am to 6pm will attract the night shift penalty.


We are so pleased to achieve these fantastic improvements to your agreements and hope that you enjoy these new entitlements. Let all of your colleagues know that The Services Union is by your side to get these great improvements to your pay and conditions.

The next steps for the agreements will be for the employee ballots to occur, and then for the replacement agreements to go to the Fair Work Commission for approval before they come into effect. We support all of these agreements and encourage our members to vote them up when the ballots take place.

For those of your colleagues that are not yet a member of our Union, please share this information and let them know that now is a great time to spend some of their back pay on Tax Deductible Union membership fees.

If you have any queries about the agreement outcomes, process and endorsement, please don’t hesitate to contact Services Connect on 3844 5300.


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