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Yourtown Negotiations Finalised! Time to Vote

Social & Communities May 7, 2019


Now that negotiations have been finalised it is important to recap the proposed amendments in a renewed Agreement for Yourtown.  These include:

  • Three-year Agreement with a clause outlining mutual obligations regarding renewal
  • Scope to continue to include paid Yourtown employees (including paid enterprise clients) who are not classified as Senior Managers
  • Improvements to Personal Leave:

o     adjustment of the definition of Immediate Family to include significant others and updates to relevant clauses that applications on the basis of ‘significant others’ will also be considered.

  • Inclusion of Fair Work model clauses for: Individual Flexibility, Consultation and Dispute Resolution
  • Rather than a Joint Consultative Committee, Yourtown proposes business unit specific communication/meetings as required or requested by employees, coordinated through the relevant People and Culture Representative. At the request of members this will involve your union representatives.
  • A commitment to the prevention and effective management of Bullying & Harassment
  • Increase the penalty rate that applies for shifts performed between midnight Sunday and 6am Monday to 100%
  • Improvements to Professional Development by expanding the Educational Assistance Program to apply to:

o     a broader selection of development activities (not just formal qualifications)

o     activities relevant to longer term career path/goal

  • Maintenance of the BiPers classification system with additional pay scales included to accommodate adjustments required under SCHDS Award
  • Improvements to wages by way of:

o     Annual pay increase to apply in the first full pay period after 1 July each year for three years

o     Annual pay increase of 3% or the rate of the minimum Award wage increase, whichever is the higher

o     Maintenance of the existing level increment structure

o     Improvement of the Award preservation clause to include a commitment to maintain pay rates at a minimum of 1% above the relevant Award rate

  • Improvement to Annual Leave with:

o     the ability to purchase up to two weeks additional leave per year

o     the option of Cashing out of Annual Leave, and to include requirement to have planned leave in proceeding twelve months

  • Improvement to leave in general with:

o     Access to up to four weeks paid Special Leave for a range of significant hardship reasons

o     Access to up to six months unpaid leave

  • Improvement to Parental Leave with the inclusion of one week of paid Partner Leave
  • Improvement to Long Service Leave (LSL) with the ability to access LSL at half pay
  • Update of the Employee Assistant provisions to reflect confidential access to the Employee Assistance Program
  • Updates to the Transport of Employees clause to provide staff unexpectedly required to work till or past 10pm, whose usual means of transport is public transport, with reimbursement of cost of taxi to their home.

Access to Rostered Days Off (RDO) to provide employees with flexibility to manage work and life commitments has also been extensively discussed. Your current Agreement provides the ability for employees to request that they work their ordinary hours in such a way to facilitate an RDO, having consideration of Yourtown’s operational needs. This has been replicated in the proposal for a renewed Agreement.

We know from members though, that currently on the ground RDOs aren’t being approved. We have worked with Yourtown representatives during the negotiations to establish an application and guide for making RDO requests. The intent of formalising the process is to ensure due consideration is given and to limit RDO requests being unreasonably refused. The inclusion of the business unit specific communication/meetings within the proposed renewed Agreement will also assist employees and their managers in exploring how RDOs can be implemented in their work areas. This appears to put in place more rigor for RDOs to be accessed where operational needs allow.


Soon you will receive a copy of the proposed agreement via email. It is also available on the portal Mymenu.   Have a read during the Access Period (6th May – 15th May) and ask questions of your bargaining representatives, manager or HR if you are not sure of a proposed change.

Your Go Vote email will arrive shortly and has details of how to exercise your vote. Voting opens on Thursday 16th May and closes at 6pm Thursday 23rd May.


  1. Look out for Proposed Agreement via email.
  2. Read and ask questions if you need to.
  3. Find your Go Vote email.
  4. VOTE.
  5. Share this newsletter with your colleagues and ask those that are not members to join.



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