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Union Members’ Voices at Centacare

Social & Communities June 10, 2021

The Services Union knows how important it is for workers to feel their voices are heard. Fortunately for Union members at Centacare, you have a forum that gives you just that: a consultative space to address your concerns and seek commitments from your employer. This is known as the Central Consultative Forum, or CCF, and it’s held every quarter between our Union and Centacare. Our most recent CCF was Thursday, 3 June 2021.

Union members are represented in this forum by local Union Delegates and Union Officials.

The CCF is an important mechanism for workers and as a Union we seek to keep Centacare accountable for their commitments made in this forum.

The June 2021 CCF agenda addressed a few points:

  • Welcome new Union Delegates
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace
    • Stress at Work survey results
  • Aishling environment: workplace health & safety concerns
  • Sunshine Coast show days: how you should be paid

The CCF was followed immediately by a discussion regarding our two ongoing disputes in the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Our Union has included an update in the report back below for your convenience.

Please click here to read the report back from our CCF and FWC dispute discussions.

The report back will provide a summary of our discussion with Centacare and will address the outcomes from our CCF. If you would like more information about the report back above, do not hesitate to contact your Union Organiser or local Workplace Delegate.

The Services Union Contact Details

Union Organiser at Centacare

Darci Wanamaker         0407 172 755


Union Delegates at Centacare

Sunshine Coast: Robin Wright, Wendy Horan, Amanda Hallows, Jami Holmes

Moreton Bay: Sheree Millar, Ryan Sykes

Brisbane: Faith Steele, Glen Spalding

Logan/Gold Coast: Alicia Aguero


Services Connect – Industrial Support and Advice

07 3844 5300


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