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Union and CPL/Mylestones Employment update

Social & Communities July 25, 2019

JDO vehicle payments, ex-FSG/FEG discussions, and Union at CPL

The Services Union met with CPL HR last week, 16th July, to discuss issues across CPL and Mylestones Employment. The agenda points of discussion were:

  • Update on ex-FSG / FEG long service leave entitlements
  • Job Development Officer vehicle payments and wages
  • Communication between CPL and Union

This newsletter will give you a brief update on each of these points.

Update on ex-FSG / FEG long service leave entitlements: what’s next?

Our Union has been working alongside CPL to decipher whether a transfer of calling has been triggered when CPL accepted continuation of service for FSG clients and staff. CPL have been in discussion with the Office of Industrial Relations about the same matter. CPL has identified that there appears to be a different view held by themselves and the Office of Industrial Relations on the matter and if agreement can’t be reached the matter will be proceeding to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission for determination.  CPL advised they will be talking with the Office of Industrial Relations this week and an update will go to ex-FSG Union members next week. Once the position between CPL and the Office of Industrial Relations is known, we will be in contact with affected members as to the best course of action to support their interests.  So, if you are an ex-FSG employee working at CPL, make sure you email with details of your current work location and contact details.

Job Development Officer vehicle payments

Our Union has sought to understand why the vehicle payments for Mylestones Employment vehicles is so high and to  date it would appear to be a legacy issue. Currently, a Job Development Officer (JDO) is expected to pay $250 each pay towards their work vehicle for personal use. On our assessment, this figure appears far too high for private use. We asked CPL to review the figures which they have committed to doing. We will continue to work with CPL HR and hope for an outcome over the next couple of months. Union members at Mylestones Employment will be kept up to date with this.

Communication between CPL and Union

There have been issues with communication surrounding Union visits to CPL services such as staff not being notified by management and meeting rooms not being booked for visits. Your Union Organiser has spoken with CPL HR about several of these concerns. CPL advised they want to ensure these communication issues are resolved and support the Union communicating with members and those eligible to be members.

As part of ensuring better communication, Union members have asked for time during team meetings for Union discussion. The Services Union Organiser Darci Wanamaker will be organising to attend your team meetings to provide updates, answer questions, and share Union information – not only what’s happening at your workplace, but what you need to know about updates within your industry.

As you can see, there is a lot to talk about at CPL and Mylestones Employment! While Union members have had some great wins recently, there is more to be done. We have seen that in Unionised workplaces, there are better working conditions and entitlements, higher pay, and safer workplaces. Union members are working to see these proposed changes become a reality, but you can’t do it on your own. Ask your workmates to become members and join with you in working towards solutions in your workplace.

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