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Social & Communities March 12, 2019

Communication, Vehicle Use, Sunday Pay and More

The Services Union and Centacare met on Thursday, 7 March 2019 for our quarterly Central Consultative Forum (CCF).

The purpose of the CCF is to provide a consultation forum where Union members and Centacare can discuss collective workplace matters that are affecting employees and have been unable to fix on a local level. Union members are represented in this forum by your CCF Delegates and Union officials.

Local consultation occurs between Union members, Delegates, and Organiser Darci Wanamaker across team meetings, site visits, and other communications. The issues that are discussed throughout these levels of consultation and communication form the agenda items which our Union raises at the CCF.

Workplace matters should be raised at the local level and raised through the levels of management. If all avenues to raise workplace matters have been exhausted and the issue remains unresolved, the CCF is an avenue where these matters can be discussed. Primarily that the CCF deals with collective issues across Centacare that Union members wish to discuss; changes in the workplace (i.e. restructure) that require employees and employer consultation; as well as other opportunities that may arise.

Therefore, the CCF is an important mechanism that our Union has made a priority. This means in the lead up to CCF meetings, there will be communication between Union members, Delegates and your local Organiser. Likewise, members and Union Delegates will receive information about the outcomes from each meeting.

To read the complete article, including the 7 March 2019 consultative forum report back click here.

Copy of ‘Report Back’ can be downloaded here.


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