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The Services Union Uncovers Large Underpayment at Community Connection

Social & Communities February 14, 2020

The Services Union has uncovered a considerable underpayment of wages at Community Connection.

For more than six years, Community Connection has paid employees performing Disability Support Work as Home Care Workers. This means that employees were shortchanged by nearly five dollars per hour. For one of our members, this meant that Community Connection underpaid them by approximately $24,000 over the six-year period.

The Services Union brought this to the attention of Community Connection and the Fair Work Commission to recover the wages for our members.

In addition, due to the diligence of our Union in raising this issue, Community Connection has conceded that this issue extends beyond those we have identified.

Current and former employees of Community Connection may have been underpaid. As members of our Union, we can help you recover what is owed to you.

Call Services Connect now on (07) 3844 5300 to find out more.

If someone you know could be affected by this, take the opportunity to ask them to join you in becoming a member. Pass on this information and direct them to our website to join online:


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