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SCHADS Award Review - Witnesses for Award Travel Claim needed

SCHADS Award Review – Witnesses for Award Travel Claim needed!

Social & Communities May 28, 2019

Our National Union is preparing to pursue our Award Claim to establish Travel Time for Disability employees, as the Social, Community, Home Care and Disability Services Industry Award 2010 (the SCHADS Award) review progresses.

Many Award reliant Disability employees are not paid for the time that they spend travelling between clients which is often in their own car and more than a few minutes between locations. Our claim seeks to establish payment for the travel from one client to the next, excluding travel to the first client and travel home from the last client.

We need to support our SCHADS Award Claim with evidence of the employees’ experience and are asking members to participate in this process by being a witness.

As a witness your evidence would be collected via a witness statement to be at the Fairwork Commission and may be called to give your evidence in person during the hearing.

If you are interested in being a witness and you meet the first 3 requirements:

  • you are paid by the SCHADS Award as opposed to an Agreement that applies directly to your workplace; and
  • work in the Disability Sector; and
  • are not paid for the time spent traveling from one location to the next to support clients; then

we ask that you complete the following questionnaire which at allows us to see if you meet the other required criteria.

The data collected is kept within the Union and for purposes of assessing your suitability to be a witness in support of our Award Claim.

We need to have witnesses identified by Wednesday 5 June 2019 to start the process of compiling witness statements so those interested in participating are urged to complete the questionnaire today!

If you have any questions, please contact Senior Industrial Officer Merinda Forster at



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