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Are you being paid correctly?

Social & Communities July 4, 2019

Do you have concerns about if you are being paid correctly by Safe Places for Children?

Did you know that you have the right to request a reconciliation of your wages?

Are you wondering what all this means for you?

When the Fair Work Commission approved the Safe Places for Children Enterprise Agreement 2013 they raised concerns with Safe Places about whether the Agreement met the minimum legislative requirements under the Fair Work Act.

The Commission had concerns that the Agreement would not pass the Better Off Overall Test when compared to the modern award.

To address these concerns Safe Places for Children were required to give an undertaking which now forms part of your Enterprise Agreement.  The undertaking gives you the right to request a reconciliation of your wages against the Modern Award for the preceding 12 months.  If it’s identified that you would have been paid more under the Modern Award, than what you were actually paid, Safe Places has to pay you the difference.

By not requesting a reconciliation of your wages, you could be missing out on additional wages!

If you have concerns, please contact The Services Union where an experienced Industrial Officer can help you.

Call Services Connect on (07) 3844 5300.

If you have a workmate who is questioning their pay, please forward this email to them.

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