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Protected Industrial Action – Gauging Member Interest

Social & Communities June 23, 2022

Your Australian Services Union (ASU) Enterprise Bargaining (EBA) Team have continued to meet with Endeavour’s Management Representatives, the AWU representative and Self Nominated Representatives to progress negotiations for a new Agreement.

All claims have been discussed, you can read the summary here. Endeavour’s wage offer is to pay the Award rate of pay within the proposed Agreement. This was rejected by our Union, the AWU and Self Nominated Representatives. We seek employees are paid above the Award for the life of the Agreement.

At last week’s meeting, Wednesday 15 June 2022, Endeavour was to table their revised wage offer. This was the same day that the Fair Work Commission (FWC) released the Annual Wage Review decision of an increase to Awards of at least $40 or 4.6%. An increase that our union had campaigned strongly for. Following the decision of the FWC, Endeavour said they would need more time to table a wage offer.

We expressed disappointment that Endeavour was not able to table the offer. We put to Endeavour that they needed to commit to passing on the FWC Award increase to its employees come 1 July 2022. We are pleased that post our ask; Endeavour has communicated to staff of their intention to do so.


It is time that we turn our minds to whether members are prepared to take any form of industrial action to progress your claims. In bargaining our union can make an application to the FWC for a Protected Industrial Action Ballot.  We would like to get an indication of members interest and whether this is an option. Understanding that when you take industrial action like stopping work you are not paid for the period of time that you take industrial action. Please complete this short survey to indicate your level of interest.


We are also aware that Endeavour have asked staff to participate in a survey regarding bargaining to provide direction about what focus areas that are important to you. You will notice that a couple of these focus areas relate to claims we have raised during the negotiations, for example:

Two thirds vote for a roster change – staff have said they do not have confidence in management to consult genuinely on roster changes. That is why it is important to maintain the requirement for 2/3rds of impacted staff to agree on the roster change prior to implementation.

Wage increase – we have expressed that staff want a wage increase that ensures they are paid more than Award rates and assists with meeting the increasing cost of living.

Sleepover provision – We have a claim to increase the 8hr sleepover allowance to $90.00.  Members want an increase to this allowance to make sleepovers worthwhile.

Now is the time to speak up! Let Endeavour know that these issues are important to you. Give your feedback by completing the Endeavour survey.

If you have any questions, please email Tracey Coorey or phone: 0421 729 071 or any of the other ASU Enterprise Bargaining Team, details below


Tracey Coorey
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