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NDIS Member Update – Improved NDIS Pricing and More!

Social & Communities February 20, 2019

Great news!

There has been recent improvement regarding the establishment of a Level 3 for High Intensity Support.

The new NDIS price guide has come out and is effective from February 1, 2019. It incorporates some of the review into pricing changes that The Services Union has been involved in.

You can read more by clicking here.

In particular, members should note a new category of high intensity support and the criteria by which this can be accessed. This inclusion is positive in acknowledging Level 3 support work for our members. For a quick look at this new category go to pages 22 & 23 of the new guide on the above link.

To read the entire newsletter and to download it – please click here.

Any feedback members have on this new category we would love to hear your review via email to our SACS Lead Co-ordinator

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