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Multicultural Australia August JCC Update

Social & Communities September 2, 2021

The Services Union knows how important it is that workers’ voices are heard. Fortunately for union members at Multicultural Australia, you have a forum which provides a consultative space to use your voice, address your concerns and seek commitments from your employer. This is known as the Joint Consultative Committee (JCC) and it’s held every 2 months between our Union and Multicultural Australia.

Our most recent JCC was Wednesday, 4 August 2021.

Union members are represented in this forum by local Union Workplace Delegates and Union Officials.

The JCC is a vital resource for workers. As a Union, we seek to Collaborate with Multicultural Australia and provide valuable input from workers in this forum regarding any major changes or opportunities for improvement.

The August 2021 JCC agenda addressed a few points:

  • Workplace Health and Safety Committee – Meetings and make up, additional members
  • Recruitment opportunities at Multicultural Australia
  • Reviewing of Multicultural Australia policies and documents
  • New JCC members
  • The Services Unions 30th Way – Mental Health Campaign
  • Multicultural Australia policy about the use of Toil
  • Covid 19 Vaccinations

A report back for the above agenda items will follow soon and will provide a good summary of our discussions with Multicultural Australia from our August JCC meeting.

If you would like more information about any of the issues raised, do not hesitate to contact your Union Organiser or local Workplace Delegate.

The Services Union Contact Details

Union Organiser at Multicultural Australia
Jeremy Young         0407 372 182

Services Connect – Industrial Support and Advice
07 3844 5300


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