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MDA JCC Update – Wages discussion

Social & Communities August 13, 2019

EBA Update

All MDA members should be aware that the 2016 MDA Enterprise Agreement expires on 22 May 2021.

At the time of negotiations, your bargaining Representatives negotiated a 3-year Agreement back dating the first wages increase to apply from 2016 with 2 subsequent increases, the last to occur in September 2018.

During bargaining, MDA went through a major restructure, largely due to funding changes. This along with a delay from the Fairwork Commission in approving the Agreement resulted in the 2016 Agreement not being approved until May 16, 2018. The complication being that the Agreement has a life of 3 years from when the Agreement was approved by the Fair Work Commission.

What this means is that with the Agreement expiring on 22 May 2021, there is no further wage increases for existing staff who endorsed the 2016 Agreement for years 2019, 2020 and 2021 contained in the wages table of the current Agreement.

On Tuesday, 6 August 2019, at the Joint Consultative Committee which comprises of Union Representatives and Senior management, our union tabled this matter. We advised that we would be seeking direction from our Union membership to pursue the matter with MDA. Our Initial view on how to address the issue being:

  1. Start conversations with MDA about wage increases for the years 2019, 2020 and 2021 – request for an Administrative increase
  2. Joint presentation to all staff regarding the matter
  3. Not renegotiate the 2016 MDA Enterprise Agreement until it expires in 2021

As such we are now seeking your endorsement to progress the issue.

Action for Union Members:

As a Union member do you endorse your Union Representatives to have discussions with MDA Management as outlined in steps 1 to 3 above?

YES                NO

For further assistance please contact

Your Union Delegates

Keirnan Fitzpatrick –

Christian Pacurar –

Mehran Ghadiri –

or your Organiser Jeremy Young at or our Industrial Team in Services Connect on 3844 5300


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