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CentaCare – Job Security, Rostering and COVID-19 – Oh My!

Social & Communities July 27, 2020

We know that job security and rostering issues are of concern to you at Centacare right now as well as ensuring COVID-19 workplace health and safety measures are also in place.

The Services Union (our Union) is with you every step of the way during this unprecedented time. We have met with your management team at the quarterly Central Consultative Forum (CCF) on Thursday 16 July 2020. Union Members are represented in the CCF by your Workplace Delegates and Union Officials.

Everything we do as a Union is done with the inclusion of feedback from members such as yourself to ensure your voices are heard.

That is why during the CCF, our Union ensures there is proper consultative discussion regarding workplace matters put forward by members, but not resolved at a local level.

It is important to note that workplace matters should first be raised at the local level. If all avenues to raise workplace matters have been exhausted and the issue remains unresolved, the CCF is an avenue where these matters can be discussed.

In our July meeting, the agenda addressed a few focal points:

  • Rostering;
  • Contract discussion: Centacare & Third-Party Advice;
  • COVID-19;
  • Retention bonus to Aged Care Workforce;
  • Open Discussion on Central Consultative Forum (CCF)

This report back provides a summary of the discussion and outcome for the items above.

If you would like more information about any of the following, do not hesitate to contact your Workplace Delegate or Organiser, Darci Wanamaker, at their details below.

Please share this newsletter with any colleague who is not yet a member and encourage them to join through our Union’s website:

Next CCF: Thursday 15 October 2020

Our Union will be following up with Centacare on 17 August and 21 September to ensure both parties are accountable for commitments made.


The Services Union Organiser for Centacare

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Services Connect – Industrial Support and Advice

Ph: 07 3348 5300

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