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Endeavour Foundation Workplace Change…………OneWay Operating Model

Social & Communities August 9, 2019

The Services Union has been in discussions with Endeavour Foundation regarding the recent announcements on Endeavour’s OneWay Operating Model implementation process.

Not all members are directly impacted by this change process, but it is important that as members of our union you are aware of changes occurring in your workplace and how your fellow members are being supported by our union office.

Predominately the immediate impact is being felt by members in leadership roles i.e. Manager Service Delivery and Support Operations Manager. While the proposed changes are not intended to impact on members in frontline positions, inevitably there may be some impact with respect to changes in reporting lines. The real impact may not be known until the proposed model is operating.

Our union has been working hard behind the scenes to make sure that this process is fair, transparent and in keeping with the industrial requirements.

We will continue to do this throughout the process and keep you informed with updates where we can.

Most importantly we are communicating directly with members who are directly impacted so that they can raise any questions about the process and how it may affect them specifically.

Like with other workplace changes at Endeavour we will provide a union response on the proposed changes so that your voice is heard prior to the final decision being made, which is currently proposed by Endeavour to be late August 2019.

If you have colleagues who are directly impacted, and they haven’t heard from our union please encourage them to contact Services Union Organiser, Tracey Coorey so that we can look to provide support.

Tracey’s contact details: M: 0421 729 071 E:


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