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Commission Agrees with Union, One Step Closer to Secured Regular Hours!

Social & Communities October 16, 2020

The Services Union (our Union) is aware that part-time workers at Centacare are concerned about job security. Centacare provides these workers with a minimum of only 16 hours per week. However, Union members regularly work far beyond this minimum and are seeking job security.

As our Union and Centacare have been unable to come to an agreement on this, we have sought clarification from the Fair Work Commission (FWC). Now, Union members are taking the next step in the dispute process. What about you?

Are your regular hours of work important to you? Here’s how you can support this issue!

  1. Click here to join The Services Union today.
  2. Complete this short Union survey!
  3. Talk to your workmates about becoming Union members and share the survey above.

Organiser, Darci Wanamaker, will be updating Union members regularly on this matter. If this issue is important to you, don’t be left out. Join The Services Union today.

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