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Centacare Denies Portable Long Service Leave Education for Workers

Social & Communities April 8, 2021

The Services Union is with you every step of the way when it comes to the roll out of your Portable Long Service Leave (PLSL) Scheme.

Across the Social and Community Services (SACS) Sector, our Union and QLeave have successfully held joint PLSL Scheme education sessions for workers and their employers.

Unfortunately, Centacare Brisbane has rejected multiple requests to hold joint PLSL Scheme education sessions for their staff.

Centacare management took their chance to learn from QLeave. However, they have chosen not to give you the same opportunity.

This is extremely disappointing and goes against Centacare’s values of: equity, inclusion, respect.

If you need more information about how the PLSL Scheme works and how it will affect you – don’t worry, we are by your side.

Our Union will be hosting PLSL education sessions for you via Zoom over the next couple of weeks at a variety of times.

To register, please click here and you will have a Zoom invite sent to you!

Centacare Brisbane V Centacare Cairns

In stark contrast, workers at Centacare Cairns had an entirely different experience.

When our Union and QLeave offered to host education sessions, Centacare Cairns was more than eager to be involved.

Our Union was invited to two full education sessions: one for Centacare Cairns management and one for workers. This included an in-depth PLSL presentation and a Q&A session where workers had the opportunity to have a voice.

Both organisations share the same values, and it’s clear Centacare Cairns upholds their theirs!

If Centacare Brisbane wants to be one of the best, they MUST do better and they MUST value YOU!

Register today for our PLSL Scheme Information Sessions and start to think about the questions you may need answering.

While Centacare Brisbane may not care if you feel confident about the roll out of the PLSL Scheme – your Union does.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact your Organiser –  Darci Wanamaker at the details below.

Darci Wanamaker
0407 172 755


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