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Social & Communities July 21, 2021

Members of The Services Union have fought tirelessly for secure work.

Our Union knows that with no job security, it can be very difficult to get a home loan, to secure a regular income, to budget for living expenses or have a good work/life balance. It can be impossible to practice positive self-care and preserve your mental health and wellbeing.

This is why our Union is by your side.

Despite the fear of having their hours being cut down to 16 hours per week, union members persisted in their fight for secure work. While it has been a long battle, today we can proudly celebrate knowing workers’ regular hours are going to be secured in updated contracts!

This is an incredible Union win!

After receiving feedback from the Fair Work Commission, Centacare agreed to work with our Union, and together we negotiated an agreement of understanding on behalf of both employer and Union members.

Soon, you will receive correspondence from Centacare management that outlines your average (over 12 months) regular hours secured in writing. This will be reviewed every year in February and your hours will be updated as needed. If your average regular hours change, you can expect to have your hours secured annually.

If you’re a new employee with less than 12-months experience, the good news is that Centacare will base your hours on the last 6 months of work performed.

While it is good to see an employer step up and do the right thing, remember that from the beginning this was and always has been an issue raised by members of The Services Union!

“What if my hours in my letter aren’t correct?”

As a union member, you have access to support and advice. When you receive your letter, if you’re unsure about the number that has been logged for your average regular hours, contact your Workplace Delegate, Union Organiser or our Union’s Industrial Team. Our Union is by your side and ready to help you as best we can.

“What if I need to change my hours of work?”

You still have the right to do this by providing a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice. You can contact our Union for support or advice on this as we may be able to assist you if you have extenuating circumstances and need to change your hours immediately.

One of the benefits of being a union member is that we can step you through these changes and raise any issues on your behalf.

Talking to your workmates about being a union member is important.

They may not know what this contract change means or – more importantly – why it’s happening. Believe it or not, there are folks who don’t understand why workers would choose to be members of our Union.

This means we all have to work together to educate folks about our collective Union power.

If you talk with your workmates about why you decided to become a union member, about what value Union membership brings to your work and personal life, and encourage them to ask questions, they can have a real opportunity to learn what it means to be part of The Services Union at Centacare.

The Services Union Contact Details

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Darci Wanamaker, Union Organiser
0407 172 755

Services Connect, Industrial Advice and Support
07 3844 5300


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